How to anchor your stand up paddleboard

An anchor is a critical piece of equipment to have when it comes to stand up paddleboard (SUP) fishing. Here’s a short video that demonstrates how to anchor your stand up paddleboard. 

3 Reasons I use an anchor: 

  1. In high current spots, high winds, fishing docks etc. it helps you stay in the exact location you want to fish. 
  2. We don’t want you falling off the board while your being lugged around by your trophy catch! When you hook up on a big fish it lets your reel do the work. 
  3. In case of an emergency, if you are physically exhausted and need a break or get caught in a current that is stronger than your paddle it is wise to have an anchor on board. 


Below are links to anchors that I would recommend for SUP fishing. I prefer the folding 3.5 lbs anchor. It is heavy enough to hold your place, it easily catches bottom, the carabineer gives the option to shorten the line by tying knots which helps to adjust it to the perfect length. Another factor to keep in mind is rust. I have recently sprayed my anchors with Clenzoil and it has definitely slowed down the rusting process, I wish I did it from the beginning! 

        • Anchor options:

        • Marine protectant to prevent rust 

    • If you want to see more videos like this or have questions, please comment and feel free to share this post.
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