First responder: Near drowning

Learn-It-Young-and-Remember-It-Forever-by-Being-a-Scout-FeaturedWhat to do in a near drowning rescue

Call 911!

Send someone to get AED

Make sure the scene is safe

Do not approach victim alone

Check to see if patient is breathing

Check to see if patient has a pulse

Initiate rescue breaths per BLS

CPR: Do not do chest compressions in the water this can prove to harmful for both the victim and the rescuer

Remove the victim from the water

Start CPR if pulse is not definitely felt within 10 seconds

-Compressions 100/minute 2 rescue breaths

Give supplemental oxygen if available

*If patient is breathing on his or her own and does not need spinal precautions, consider placing in the right lying position to prevent aspiration of vomit or gastric contents

Have someone flag down ambulance


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