Day 6

Today we rode the cattle truck up the mountain to porterillos ariba, one of the highest communities on the mountain. We visited houses, educated in schools, and set up the mobile clinic in the church to treat patients. 

The teams that went to the houses were able to give out referral tickets to the mobile clinic and food bag tickets so that the people could go to the church in the afternoon to pick up the food bag. We saw many health, spiritual, and emotional needs. Many children were assessed and it was interesting to see respiratory symptoms that were related to the living environment. Dust fills the air as the temperature is hot and dry and smoke fills the houses from their wood burning cooking methods. Their water is collected rain that is stored in a cistern and it is rationed out in during the dry months. Headaches, constipation, respiratory congestion are common chief complaints. 

The teams that went to the school were able to present and provide education about their topics: oral hygiene, nutrition, hand washing, sun exposure/dehydration, and lice with lice checks. This was the final day of ministry and to see the progression of boldness and leadership in each group is so encouraging and praiseworthy. 

The mobile clinic was held in a church without walls on the mountain overlooking the beautiful lake below. Patient after patient poured in to see Dr Boris. 15 tickets were originally given out by our teams, but as soon as the word got out that a medical group was in the area, patients flooded the clinic. We saw as many as we could (which was way more than 15) before the distribution of the food bags. Our team members helped in the pharmacy, assisted Dr Boris by taking blood pressure and blood sugar when needed and by playing with the kids. 50+ food bags were given out to very grateful people that walked home with the heavy food bags through the mountainous terrain. 

Each and every gave their all this week. Many patients that may have never come in contact with a healthcare professional was found, treated, and prayed for. It was beautiful to see the willingness of each team member to serve. It was an incredible week of ministry! 

Tomorrow we will have our free day at the beach to get some much needed rest. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

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  1. D Franks says:

    Wow what a power packed day of medical needs and spiritual needs. You all did an amazing job today. That cattle car ride up the mountain is a day you will never forget. Praying for all of you.❤️

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