How to: Lobster off your stand up paddleboard

Florida spiny lobsters more commonly known as “bugs” to the locals are absolutely delicious! When it’s bug season you can bet there are flags in the air and divers in the water. There are many ways to get out on the water, one of the easiest ways that I have found is to lobster off of my stand up paddleboard.

Some reasons why I choose SUP lobstering: 

  • SUPs are light weight, I can easily lift and load my paddleboard and go on a solo trip
  • It’s easier than trailering and dealing with the hassle of a boat. Great for a quick trip! 
  • You have instant access to ice (cooler)
  • You can attach the dive flag on the board
  • You can attach a lobster hotel to the anchor line

This episode will take you over and under the sea as Bri Andrassy lobsters off of her stand up paddleboard (SUP) in the FL keys.

Essential gear: Personal floatation device PFD, Whistle, Marine flashlight, dive flag 

SUP gear: Paddleboard, paddle, anchor, cooler

Lobster gear: Net, tickle stick, gauge (FL 3″), gloves, lobster hotel

Here is a list of SUP lobstering gear:

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How to anchor your stand up paddleboard

An anchor is a critical piece of equipment to have when it comes to stand up paddleboard (SUP) fishing. Here’s a short video that demonstrates how to anchor your stand up paddleboard. 

3 Reasons I use an anchor: 

  1. In high current spots, high winds, fishing docks etc. it helps you stay in the exact location you want to fish. 
  2. We don’t want you falling off the board while your being lugged around by your trophy catch! When you hook up on a big fish it lets your reel do the work. 
  3. In case of an emergency, if you are physically exhausted and need a break or get caught in a current that is stronger than your paddle it is wise to have an anchor on board. 


Below are links to anchors that I would recommend for SUP fishing. I prefer the folding 3.5 lbs anchor. It is heavy enough to hold your place, it easily catches bottom, the carabineer gives the option to shorten the line by tying knots which helps to adjust it to the perfect length. Another factor to keep in mind is rust. I have recently sprayed my anchors with Clenzoil and it has definitely slowed down the rusting process, I wish I did it from the beginning! 

        • Anchor options:

        • Marine protectant to prevent rust 

    • If you want to see more videos like this or have questions, please comment and feel free to share this post.
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What to do for a jellyfish sting

imagesIf you come in contact with a jellyfish while wading in the ocean there are a few steps to take to help relieve the pain.

Why does it sting?

Jellyfish have tentacles that are covered with sacs that are filled with venom. They cause irritation and stinging when they come in contact with your skin.

What to do if you get stung:

  • Do not rub the area
  • Cover the sting with shaving cream and scrape it off with a plastic credit card to remove the other tentacles
  • Place the area under warm water  for 30 minutes (cold water makes the stinging worse!)
  • Vinegar may help to neutralize the stinging venom (does not help with a man-o-war or bluebottle jellyfish)
  • Benadryl may help relieve symptoms

What not to do if you get stung:

  • Never wash the area with cool water
  • Never pour urine on it
  • Do not rub the affected skin with sand

Red flags: Seek medical care immediately if you experience:

  • Problems breathing or swallowing
  • Swelling of lips or tongue
  • Very bad pain
  • Dizziness
  • A sting in the eye or mouth

Where you can learn more:

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Day 6

Today we rode the cattle truck up the mountain to porterillos ariba, one of the highest communities on the mountain. We visited houses, educated in schools, and set up the mobile clinic in the church to treat patients. 

The teams that went to the houses were able to give out referral tickets to the mobile clinic and food bag tickets so that the people could go to the church in the afternoon to pick up the food bag. We saw many health, spiritual, and emotional needs. Many children were assessed and it was interesting to see respiratory symptoms that were related to the living environment. Dust fills the air as the temperature is hot and dry and smoke fills the houses from their wood burning cooking methods. Their water is collected rain that is stored in a cistern and it is rationed out in during the dry months. Headaches, constipation, respiratory congestion are common chief complaints. 

The teams that went to the school were able to present and provide education about their topics: oral hygiene, nutrition, hand washing, sun exposure/dehydration, and lice with lice checks. This was the final day of ministry and to see the progression of boldness and leadership in each group is so encouraging and praiseworthy. 

The mobile clinic was held in a church without walls on the mountain overlooking the beautiful lake below. Patient after patient poured in to see Dr Boris. 15 tickets were originally given out by our teams, but as soon as the word got out that a medical group was in the area, patients flooded the clinic. We saw as many as we could (which was way more than 15) before the distribution of the food bags. Our team members helped in the pharmacy, assisted Dr Boris by taking blood pressure and blood sugar when needed and by playing with the kids. 50+ food bags were given out to very grateful people that walked home with the heavy food bags through the mountainous terrain. 

Each and every gave their all this week. Many patients that may have never come in contact with a healthcare professional was found, treated, and prayed for. It was beautiful to see the willingness of each team member to serve. It was an incredible week of ministry! 

Tomorrow we will have our free day at the beach to get some much needed rest. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

 Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.32.30 AM Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.32.39 AM Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.32.05 AM Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.32.17 AM

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Day 5

We had another wonderful day working in the schools, clinic, and visiting houses around the campus. Our students triaged and provided nursing care to the many patients in the clinic. A few were able to sit in with the dentist to watch procedures. 

The teams that visited houses assessed, referred, and prayed for their patients. There was a man that lived across from the clinic and had not seen a doctor in years. Our team came in, assessed, and found that he had severe neuropathy. He went directly to the clinic to receive care. 

There was another man that had a past medical history of 4 strokes. He had weakness on one side and his wife was his care taker. Our students were able to educate this man and his wife about the risk factors of stroke and the signs and symptoms to know when someone is having a stroke. They had never been told about risk factors or signs/symptoms. 

We also witnessed the heart breaking reality that many patients experience here when there is no hospice, or resources for palliative care. There was a man with a terminal liver disease on the ground outside the clinic in excruciating pain, he was waiting for a way to get home. As a team we prayed for this man and we assisted him to a standing position to move him into the shade to make him more comfortable. 

Our students did an amazing job educating in the schools again today! They are boldly walking into the classrooms with multiple students/varying age groups and they are providing top notch education. Many of the kids wanted to know more about Jesus after the presentations. 

We ended today with an encouraging debrief and an awesome time of worship. 

Tomorrow we will be loading up the cattle trucks to climb up the mountain to the community called porterillos ariba. We will be in the school there, visiting houses, and setting up a mobile clinic. 

We thank you for your prayers! We are excited to get out there tomorrow to share the truth of the gospel and to love on the people of porterillos. 

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Day 4

This morning Robbie led us in a devotion and Holly led us in worship before we left for the day. Today our team members were visiting houses, helping in the clinic, and educating in the schools. 

Our team members did an incredible job educating in the schools! Lice checks were done, and many students were notified that they had lice and that they could be treated at the clinic. 

Many patients were seen at the clinic and our patients were able to rotate through triage, exams with doctor Boris, and the pharmacy. 

House visits were done in the local communities around the campus. Patients were assessed, educated, and referred when appropriate to the clinic. Each family was prayed for and the gospel was presented. 

We were finally able to swim in the lake after we finished our work today! We were able to swing off the trapeze into the beautiful lake below. To end our day we had a wonderful dinner, debriefed, and spent some time relaxing in the snack shop. 

Tomorrow we will be working in the clinic, educating in the schools, and visiting houses. 

Thank you for following our journey, and thank you for your prayers! 

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Day 3

After breakfast, we started our day off with a devotion this morning. Robbie reminded us of Jesus being the all satisfying bread of life while Holly led us in worship. 

We then hit the road for our 2.5 hour drive to Mira Flores. We had 5 groups present in the school in the morning and in the afternoon. They presented on nutrition, oral hygiene, hand washing, sun exposure/dehydration, and lice. The school children were screened for lice, in which many cases were discovered and referred to the mobile clinic that we set up today in the church. 

While the 5 groups were presenting in the schools we had 3 groups go out into the communities to do house visits. We hiked through the mountainous terrain to go to the houses that were in need. A ticket to see the doctor was given to those that had significant medical needs and a food ticket to each family in need. Hypertension, diabetes, parasites, chronic pain, were amongst some of the health needs seen in one of the groups today. Each family was prayed for by our groups and the gospel was presented in the schools and houses we visited today. 

We made it back for a late dinner, prepared the clinic for tomorrow’s patients, and debriefed about our day. It is amazing to hear about how God impacted our team members. 

Our students did an incredible job educating, assessing, and loving their patients today. 

We look forward to tomorrow and as always we are very thankful for all of your prayers! 


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Day 2

Today we woke to the sounds of roosters and the slight smell of fire drifting in from the mountains. We had a delicious breakfast, that consisted of eggs, toast, beans, and fruit. We then traveled to the big tent church and we were able to experience a Salvadoran service. After church we were able to go to the artisan markets where we learned to use some bartering skills. 

Today was a big preparation day. Once back on campus our team sorted through all of the wonderful donations that we will giving out during this week. Our juniors were able to prepare their service learning projects. They will give presentations about oral hygiene, sun protection, hand washing, lice, and nutrition in the schools tomorrow. We will also be going on house visits tomorrow in Mira Flores. 

After dinner, we hiked up the hill to the storage warehouse to pack the food bags. We were able to raise enough money for 100 bags of food this year. Each bag feeds a person for about 1 month. We will be giving out 30 bags of food tomorrow while going on house visits. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support! We are so excited to get out tomorrow to share the Love of God will the people of El Salvador. 

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First responder: Near drowning

Learn-It-Young-and-Remember-It-Forever-by-Being-a-Scout-FeaturedWhat to do in a near drowning rescue

Call 911!

Send someone to get AED

Make sure the scene is safe

Do not approach victim alone

Check to see if patient is breathing

Check to see if patient has a pulse

Initiate rescue breaths per BLS

CPR: Do not do chest compressions in the water this can prove to harmful for both the victim and the rescuer

Remove the victim from the water

Start CPR if pulse is not definitely felt within 10 seconds

-Compressions 100/minute 2 rescue breaths

Give supplemental oxygen if available

*If patient is breathing on his or her own and does not need spinal precautions, consider placing in the right lying position to prevent aspiration of vomit or gastric contents

Have someone flag down ambulance


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What to do when someone is having a seizure

imagesSeizures are abnormal electrical activity in the brain. They can be scary to watch if you are not familiar with the manifestation of a seizure.

Here are a few steps to follow if you find someone having a seizure.

Call 911 if the person is having their first ever seizure or if the person is pregnant

If the seizure lasts longer than 3 minutes call 911

If the person has the potential to fall try to hug them and gently lower them to the ground

Move all objects away from the seizing individual

Position the individual so that they are lying on their side this will prevent them from choking on saliva or vomit

Do not put anything in the persons mouth while they are seizing

Do not try to hold the person down as this can cause injury

Loosen tight clothing especially around neck

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